It has been a scary couple of days. My two little cavies have been really sick and to be honest, I was not sure if they would make it. Yesterday morning I phoned the vet and managed to get an appointment tagged onto the end of morning surgery. After checking both boys over, he took a swab from Pecan’s bottom, prescribed some antibiotics and some liquid feed I would need to make up to give them by syringe.

They did seem to rally around a little bit by the afternoon, but they spent most of their time cuddled up together in the ‘bedroom’ area of their hutch. I managed to get some liquid food in them, but I was still worried enough that when I went to work last night I phoned Jay half way through my shift and got him to check on them.  When I got home I gave them more medicine and headed off to bed.

I am so happy to say when I came down this morning both Pecan and Maple were in the main area of their hutch  and when Jay opened the fridge to get out milk they started wheeking and whistling for some breakfast.

Unfortunately they have to stay on a diet of timothy hay, water and liquid food as per the vet’s instructions. Once their poo gets back to normal I can start slowly introducing vegetables again. (I am starting to feel like Gillian McKeith doing poo inspections.)

The girls wanted to hand feed Patch and Murphy this morning, so they got their bean-bag seats in front of the hutch and fed the guinea pigs on their laps.  Maple and Pecan were up at the bars chirping and wheeking, but alas nothing was coming their way.  I think they got a little miffed and so started throwing hay into AJ’s hair!

The antibiotics are for four days and they have to finish the course, but I am so relieved to see the boys up and about.