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Little did they know it, but each morning Patch and Murphy are taking part in their own olympig triathlon.

First we have the steeplechase where both piggies race around their hutch jumping over obstacles trying to escape getting picked up.

Then we have the munch race where each piggie is sat on their little owners lap being hand fed their veggies. Whom ever finishes his piece of broccoli, greens or pepper first is the winner.

And finally there is the 100 metre 2 foot sprint back to the hutch to finish the veggies in peace.











So far there is no outright winner to this daily event, but both boys have practiced standing on the top of the cat scratch post podium in the hopes of receiving their medals.Winners Podium

Unfortunately both Maple and Pecan have been disqualified from this event for drug taking. They have told the olympig committee they have been sick and are on antibiotics, but the judges decision is final.