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While Jay and Bart were travelling back up from England today, AJ and I went to a county agricultural show. On arriving we went straight to the cavy tent to see the variety of guinea pigs there. We got chatting to one of judging team about different breeds and she let AJ hold her lovely teddy cavy, Spartacus.

We saw some beautiful guinea pigs, selfs, Abyssinians, a peruvian, but my favourite was the teddies. With their large bodies and thick coats they just seemed so cuddly.

I think the teddy is the breed AJ will be going for.

Self Lilac


AJ fell in love with a crested golden self cavy and kept going back to check on him. She said it was because he smiled at her. Unfortunately he did not win any prizes, but we gave him one for the cutest face.

I had really wanted to see a swiss cavy, but sadly there were none there today. Hopefully next time.

The judging was interesting, AJ and I popped in and out of the tent a number of times during the morning to see how it was progressing.

AJ in Wonderland

Besides the guinea pigs there were also some stunning rabbits being judged as well as pigeons.

Outside the judging tent there were stalls, farming equipment, show jumping and a dog show. The two of us went for a walk around trying to take everything in, but there was so much to see I think we missed loads.

We can’t wait until next year and hopefully we will have some piggies in the show.