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Jay and Bart made it home safely late yesterday afternoon.  Bart was in full spirits after her nine-hour drive but poor Jay looked a little shell-shocked.

Bart had talked from Telford to Glasgow where she finally fell asleep. Only to wake an hour later and start again.

She talked to her hands, she talked to her feet, she talked to the cars passing by, she talked to birds flying overhead.  She took her shoes and socks off, put the socks on her hands and talked to them… they talked back! She talked to Jay… a lot.  She did not just tell him about her day, she told him about everyday.

She then discovered if she stretched her leg she could just reach the electronic window lever. So the window went down, it went up, it went down again and a little foot would wave out of it. She then chattered to her foot scolding it because it had gone out the window and gotten wet.

It was a nine-hour journey for the two of them to get home and Bart chattered away for eight of those hours.  No wonder Jay shut himself in his shed for the evening!

Jay and Bart ready to set off home.