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Summer holidays are over. The seven long weeks I was not so secretly dreading, actually passed rather quickly.

This week the girls returned to school. AJ headed off on Tuesday morning, bound for the grown up world of Primary Two.

She had new uniform, new shoes, new school bag. There was a brief mad hunt for the school pencil-case I had confiscated at the beginning of the holidays (for drawing on walls).

Lunch was made and put into her new sandwich bag and play snack tucked into the front pocket of her satchel. Finally we were ready.The three of us jumped into the car and headed to the village to get the school bus.

AJ was excited to see her friends, but especially to see her favourite bus driver Isabel, who we thought was retiring at the end of last year. With a big grin and a wave, off she went.

Then Thursday Bart returned to do her final year of playgroup. She wore a cute pink outfit we had chosen is a shop yesterday and accessorized with a yellow builders hard hat!

(Obviously what all the cool kids are wearing this year.)






We packed her Ben and Holly bag with gym shoes and spare pants and were ready to go.

Bart was pleased to see all her friends and quickly settled down to the important business of painting, jigsaws and games.








As for me, I came home and had a leisurely cup of coffee, hung the laundry on the line, cut some fresh grass for the guinea pigs, cleaned out two hutches and still had time for a second cuppa.