Like many little girls and some little boys in the UK, Bart is Peppa Pig crazy. So this morning when picking out her playgroup outfit  she chose her cute little Peppa Pig tunic to wear. She got a pair of spotted pants and when she went to the sock draw she came back gleefully waving a pair of Peppa socks. Knowing what underwear was in her draw, I dived in and resurfaced with a pair of Peppa Pig pants to exchange for the spotty ones.

“Mummy, I want to wear everything Peppa Pig”

Oh, a challenge! With trousers flying over my shoulders left and right, I finally found a pair of Peppa leggings and then a striped Peppa cardigan. She even had a pair of base-ball boots. Then to top it off, I found a Teddy (Peppa’s favorite toy) hairslide.

Challenge complete! Bart was kited out head to toe in Peppa Pig.

I imagine the Pig family are laughing all the way to the piggie bank!