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At long last, after months of waiting my mother and father in law have finally made it to Scotland. With delays on the sale of their house which took longer and longer, we really did start to wonder if it would all fall through and they would not make the move. But on Wednesday morning, before putting AJ on the school bus, we met them at their new home.

I have to admit that I was a bit nervous as Jay and I had chosen the house they were renting. We had emailed loads of photo’s and really liked it ourselves, but still, choosing someone elses home is scary business. Thankfully they both love it.

The girls are so excited to have Grandma and Granddad living nearby not least because Jay and I promised them that the first weekend they were here, we would get a chinese takeout for all of us. Bart checked that they did in fact like chinese food… every time she spoke to them… for the last three months! So Friday night, yummy food was eaten, wine and juice drunk and I can confirm, Grandma and Granddad love chinese food.

Now Bart keeps checking if Jay’s mum likes ice cream as she is desperate for another trip to the ice cream parlour!