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What a crazy day on Tuesday. It started off as normal, getting up, feeding all the animals, doing the school run, then back home for my couple of hours peace before collecting Bart from playgroup.

I was sat on the floor in the living room, guinea pig grooming, when the doorbell rang. This is quite a rare occurence in our house and so sent the dog into a mad frenzy of barking, racing around the house and doing Scooby Doo skids on the wooden floors. I headed towards the front door at a brisk walk and when stepping down the two stairs to the lower hallway I felt something pop in my leg.

I ended up in the A&E of the local cottage hospital, who then transferred me by ambulance to the larger hospital nearby. Turns out I ripped my calf muscle.

So I have it strapped up and have had to hobble on crutches for the last couple of days.