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Well my quota of blogs per month seems to be dipping drastically at the moment, but life is too busy and crazy to stop and write about it. Take this morning. After doing the normal before school chores, I came home from dropping off Bart at playgroup with the thought of cleaning out the three hamster cages.

I had started with Harry when the phone rang, it was Jay to let me know he is doing a job nearby and so can I put the kettle on as he will be home for a cuppa.

No problem.

Jay is home having his tea and biscuits when the doorbell goes.

It is Lauren, James’ mum. Her phone line is still not connected so she came to borrow the telephone and computer.

That’s okay.

More tea on the go while I get onto Peppa’s cage.

James leaves to head back to work again and I am still cleaning out cages while Lauren gets things organised by telephone.

Finally Daisy is back in her clean cage and it is time to pick up Bart from playgroup.

This afternoon is Highland Dance class a visit to the bank and then I am off to work.

Life is on hyper speed at the moment with no signs of slowing down. At least with the Tattie Holidays looming I will get a two-week break from the school run.

I wonder if the in-laws spare room will be ready for the first little girl sleepover by then?