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There is a strange feeling in the house tonight.  For the first time since they came home with us, the girls are not sleeping under our roof.  They are having a sleepover at Grandma and Granddad’s house.

Bart and AJ have been talking about this night for months and are so excited to be spending the night with Jay’s parents. Both Lauren and Phil are looking forward to it as well… I think.  Well, they did volunteer!

The girls have their own little case each to take with them, packed with night dresses, a change of clothes and a little wash bag.

The bed was tested and found to be comfortable, although I do wonder how much sleep will be achieved!

I have packed chef hats for the girls so they can do some baking with Grandma, along with a bottle of sparkly nail polish each to have a little girly bonding time.

Granddad will probably do some drawing with them and there is a selection of dvd’s to watch.

We have just checked and fish fingers with chips have been eaten along with ice cream and a banana. Bart is tucked up in bed and AJ is watching a dvd. I am sure they will be fine and there is no one we trust more to look after our daughters.

At the moment Jay and I are okay. Take out pizza and a glass of wine have gone down well. I think it will be in the morning when it hits us.

Our usually over crowded bed is going to feel a little empty.