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Jay and I are looking for a new car. My old Kangoo is fine for pottering to and from school, playgroup, swimming and dance class, but it has that many rattles and bangs that I am nervous about driving it too far. Something underneath knocks when I turn the steering to tight and each time I hit a pot hole (of which there are many) it sounds like the rear off side tyre is going to bash its way through the wheel arch.  If AJ and I are going to start driving around Scotland going to guinea pig shows, I need something I can trust.

So Jay has been spending a lot of evenings searching eBay for a Landrover Freelander. He shows me this car and that car… to be honest I got bored after the third one! As I told him, there are only three things I need to know.

  • 1) Is it reliable?
  • 2) How much does it cost?
  • 3) And most important What colour is it?