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Recently it feels as though Charlotte has been getting lost. Lost inside a person known as Mummy. Mummy who bounces from one activity to the next. School runs, house work, laundry, ironing, dance class, swimming, parties, cooking, cleaning, baking. The only moments she is not Mummy are when she is at work or when or standing in the shed with her small furry pets.

When Charlotte does appear, she puts on a brave face, but she is tired. Mentally and physically. On the nights she is not working, you will find her fast asleep on the sofa, usually by 8pm. She will wake later to feed her pets and then head to bed. At 6am the alarm rings and Mummy starts another day.

Charlotte wonders what has happened. She waited so long to be a Mummy, how can she complain that she seems to be loosing herself?

She does sometimes get invited to places, but often makes excuses. What would she have to talk about apart from Mummy and her life?

A couple of weeks ago Charlotte got invited to a friend’s house for supper, wine and a chat and instead of being her usual vague self and making last-minute excuses, she went. For those few hours, with those few women, the old Charlotte appeared. She laughed and chatted. Made smutty comments and she drank a little too much. Although Mummy popped up a couple of times during the evening, she didn’t stay long.

It was great.

When those women, who were fast becoming friends, invited Charlotte again, she went. And even though she swore never to drink homemade cocktails again(!) she had a fab time.

Linda, Lynda and IThis past weekend Charlotte…. I went on a girlie trip with my friends. Five of us piled into a car and headed to Inverness. We had dinner and a trip to a comedy club. I drank lots of gin and a single cocktail. Midnight found me tucking into a Big Mac with hot chocolate, then half and hour later, tucked up asleep in my hotel bed. I had a cooked breakfast I didn’t prepare myself, did a bit of shopping and ate a fabulous lunch in an Italian restaurant.


The five of us laughed and gossiped. I wore a fabulous pair of shoes that gave me a blister. I ate and drank far too much. Although the comedian was hilarious, I confess to having a wee nap part way through his routine.

This was my first weekend away in two and a half years and I had fun.

Thank you ladies. Lets do it again. xxx

Inverness 2012 Jen and Ellie