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As you can imagine, Christmas with two energetic little girls is crazy. The noise levels in our house rose by a number of decibel and the excitement levels were off the chart.

We did rounds of school trips, parties and concerts with both AJ and Bart making us very proud parents. AJ learnt lots of new songs to take part in her concert and Bart learnt three in just over a week. But to be honest, if I hear ‘Jingle Bells’ one more time before next December I may end up running for the hills.038AJ’s school went on a trip to the pantomime (oh yes they did!) thankfully parents didn’t have to attend that one.


Look, reindeer spit!

Bart’s playgroup trip was to visit some reindeer. Both Jay and I went along too on a very cold and wet morning.

The children got to feed the animals which was a very mucky business with lots of slobber left on little hands.

Afterwards we headed to the local cafe for fish and chips.Santa snack 2012

Christmas Eve finally arrived. “Santa” was very disappointed to find AJ had substituted this years nip of whisky for a glass of milk instead. So when it came time to get the snack ready a large cookie appeared on the plate as compensation.

Christmas morning started after eight with the opening of stockings. AJ managed to stuff at least half a dozen chocolate coins in her mouth before I called a halt to the feast. (Mean Mummy).

The girls main present was guinea pig boxes. Large wooden carry cases for them to take their pets to shows. In these days when kids want all the new expensive electrical gadgets, it was lovely to see my two getting so excited over gifts their Daddy and I had worked on. (Jay stripped the original paint and redid them. We added stencil flowers and fairy’s, then I put their names on.)

Guniea Pig boxesChristmas outfitsGrandma knitted them new jumpers and she and Granddad bought outfits for both girls.

Christmas day was spent with my in-laws. Lauren cooked a wonderful lunch and we all had a great family day.

The last couple of days I have been back at work. Hogmanay is a big deal here in Scotland and the hotel where I work has a three-day “house party”. The last day of December I worked all day, came home and made supper then collapsed in the armchair. Snuggled under a blanket I fell asleep until James woke me about five minutes to midnight. As the old year passed and the new one started I was kissing my girls goodnight before falling into bed.

Tonight I am heading into work again for my last shift before the hotels winter shutdown.

Next week the girls go back to school and playgroup, so hopefully I will find time to sit down.

Happy New Year everyone. I hope 2013 brings love and happiness to you all.