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Today Bart had her first swimming lesson.

Her excitement levels had been building ever since the phone call confirming her place back in mid December. You see, my wee toot has spent the last year and a half watching her sister learn to swim and dying to get in the water, but swimming lessons don’t start in our local pool until you are four years old. I registered her back in October and we have been waiting ever since.

Bart loves the water, so wearing a pair of inflatable armbands and goggles, I knew she would be ok for her first lesson, but even I was surprised with how well she did. The poor instructor spent much of the thirty minutes pulling Bart back as she doggie paddled this way and that. And laugh, she did not stop the whole lesson.In the final few minutes Bart and the other little girl in the group got to practice jumping in the pool. Judging by her comment in the changing room later, I think this was her favourite part.

“Mummy, did you see me jumping in the pool?”

“Yes I did sweetie”

“Did you see me take my armbands off? I jumped in without them and I didn’t even die!!!!”

The lesson was a huge success.