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Both of the girls received money from their Nanny and Granddad Jim for Christmas, so this weekend we took them out to spend it.

On Saturday Bart and I headed to the shops to spend her money. There is so much rubbish in the shops in all shades of pink with glitter and sparkles aimed to get little ones to part with their cash. I had more than one argument with her about what she could buy.

When I was near to giving up we spotted a beautiful rag doll in the window of the pram and baby shop. It was made by Silver Cross and over double Bart’s budget, but my little girl had fallen in love. The look of wonder on her face at this wee dolly was worth the extra money I put towards it. When we met up with Jay, he was introduced to Tessie and admired her as only a Daddy can.

Tessie came home in a white a box that Jay and I turned it into a little bed. We cut out top and bottom sheets, then I whipped up a pillow and “duvet” on the sewing machine.

I would have adored this as a little girl.TessieOn Sunday, while Bart stayed with Grandma and Granddad, Jay and I took AJ to the shops to spend her money. First she took us to the pet shop! She was very innocent about it, but admitted later when we left the store, she had been looking for another guinea pig. Now we have a fair few pigs at home, she already has four of her own, so that would have been a no even if she had found one she wanted.

We went into a few more shops, but nothing caught her eye. We finally went to Tesco to pick up a few groceries before heading home. The supermarket had a small toy section and there she found a squeaking, hopping toy guinea pig. Again, it was slightly over budget, but it made Jay and I laugh, so Buddy came home with us.

Buddy now lives in a “hutch” made from a shoe box and fruit net. He is a little snug and I think the SSPCA would have something to say, but AJ thinks he is great.