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It Friday again (don’t they come around fast), so it was time for the girls to go to their swimming lesson.

Bart turned back into a water baby and had a great time like last week. AJ really seemed to be listening to her instructor, although I did see some messing around with one of the young lads in her group.

I met both girls with towels when they came out and we headed back to the changing rooms to get dressed in street clothes.

It was when AJ was stood in front of me shivering I noticed a mark on her neck. It looked like a finger size bruise or a love bite!!!!!! What the hell… my little girl is five… five!!!

My heart racing with panic, alarm and thoughts of hunting down every boy she had been within touching distance of that day, I put my finger on the mark… and it came away. Turned out it was a bit of tumble dryer fluff from the freshly laundered bath towel.

Phew! That is one conversation I don’t want for many, many, many years.