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For the last week and a half now I have been sick. It started as just one of those annoying winter bugs that Mums and Dads just work on through, but then this thing got a hold of me and would not let go.

By last Saturday I had a very high temperature and stayed in my bed all day, dosing myself with paracetamol and ibuprofen to get the temperature down. Sunday I woke feeling a little better so got up. My poor guinea pigs needed cleaning out, so while Jay and AJ headed to the supermarket I headed to the shed. I managed the pigs… just. But that was me pretty much done for the day again. I cooked supper – which I then didn’t eat – and crashed for the rest of the evening.

Monday I headed to the doctor.  To be honest she seemed more worried that her borrowed stethoscope hurt her ears than in anything I had to say, but her recommendation was keep taking the pills and head to bed.

The kids stayed over night with their grandparents and I slept pretty much most of the day and night away.

As the week has gone on I am feeling better, but my goodness this has wiped me out. I am shattered by about 4pm and ready for my bed a couple of hours later, but with two kids I just keep going.

Today (Sunday) is the first day I have felt some what human again. My head is clear, my throat is not sore, now just to shake this damn cough and all will be well again.