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When I was a kid I remember my Mum yelling at me and my sisters, “stop fighting or I will bang your heads together!” At the time I did not appreciate how hard it was for her with three girls fighting and shouting at each other.

Now I can.

I am so hoping this is just a ‘phase’ but my daughters are driving me crackers. They argue and they fight all the time. The way AJ speaks to Bart is positively horrible and if Bart does not get a reply from AJ straight away she whines, shouts and punches.

They are arguing when they walk into the kitchen for breakfast and they are arguing as they put on their pyjama’s at night.

I try to ignore it, walk away from it or mediate between them. I talk to them about how they behave, I ask them and tell them to be nice to each other. I give them jobs to do, I give them nothing to do. I make them stay in the room with me, I get them to stay in a room by themselves. I try everything and nothing is working.

At the moment they are sitting with me on the sofa and AJ is copying everything Bart does… which starts a row. Then Bart is making kissy noises at AJ… which starts another row.

I have to separate them just to get a bit of peace.

I so want to get through this stage of them growing up without loosing my sanity, but at the moment it is doubtful.