Today I went with Bart to her playgroup to talk to the boys and girls about guinea pigs.

I think the session went really well.  The pigs behaved themselves (mostly) and so did the kids (mostly).

The children got to stroke a Teddy pig and feel his harsh springy coat and then a Swiss pig with his long hair.

Teddy Guinea Pig

They saw some four-week old babies with their mum.  Helga (below) even let them brush her hair. Brave girl.054
Rhu, my three-month Swiss sow, was so good at sitting on everyone’s lap for pictures that even some of the children who were hesitant to begin with let her.


There was much laughter as some of the pigs scrambled from section to section in their carry boxes. It was great to see the little faces so enchanted with the wee animals.

We live in a very rural area where you just have to look out the window to see sheep, cows and horses, there are even some highland cows, alpacas and pigmy goats on our way to school. But I still think it is important for children to interact and touch animals. So I love taking along our family pets for them to see.

On Wednesday we will load up the car again as AJ is taking her pigs to talk about them with her class.