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009033 012 039054015027047Our first guinea pig show of 2013 was on a week or so ago.

Bart was very excited as her pig Starry was now old enough to enter.

AJ decided to enter her white swiss pig called Pootle.

With one pig each in the juvenile pet class we spent Saturday getting them ready.

The first thing we had to do was give the pigs a bath to make sure they were nice and clean.

This was followed by a swift blow from the hairdryer which both of them really enjoyed.

After posing for some pictures, both boys were put back into the guinea pig shed until the morning.

The show was our local one, so we only had a twenty-five minute drive to get to the location.

Because it is quite a long process for all the different pigs to get looked at and the pet class is last, Jay took the girls home for a while and I stayed to help the judge with the administration.

Well the girls had quite a succesful day. Starry and Bart came second in the juvenile pet class and second in the overall pet class. She was beaten by her older sister and Pootle. AJ came first in both classes.

We are off to another show next weekend. Two more guinea pigs in the pet class and I am entering one of my sows too.