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wpid-20130223_164233.jpgOn Saturday Jay, Bart and I headed to my friend Julie’s house to help feed her animals. (AJ was spending the weekend with Grandma and Granddad.) Julie has a small flock of sheep, a dozen or so goats and I think I counted seven alpacas.

We started with Bart helping mix the feed for the goats and a some of the alpacas. They obviously knew what was happening as a couple of them were up on hind legs peering over the fence to watch.004 006

011We then headed out into one of the pens to put the feed into the troughs.

Even though some of the animals028 were bigger than her, Bart was right in amongst them dishing out the food.


After the goats it was the turn of the male sheep and a couple more of the alpacas before we headed out into the fields to feed the female sheep.


While Julie distract036ed the animals, Jay and Bart went to the trough to fill it up. I have never seen anything so funny as when the sheep and alpacas realised they had been tricked. They turned around and charged for the food, so it was a race against time to get the feed out before being trampled!

038040Thankfully no one was squashed and Jay with a little help got the food out before heading back out of the field.


When all the dry feed was dished out the next job was filling the hay racks. Julie had already loaded the trailer with bales, so she and Jay hooked it to the quad bike and with Bart sitting on the front off they rode back out to the fields.


Bart and Julie then hand fed a couple of the wooly girls who had not raced to the trough with everyone else.


063 044066Finally with a  bone shaking trailer ride for all of us back to the barn, our job was done.


We had a great time. Hopefully we will be able to go back for another visit as I know AJ will be very disappointed she missed out.

A big, big thank you to Julie who allowed us to help and her patience with a very over excited little girl!