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The last couple of weekends the girls have been taking it in turns to have a sleepover at Grandma and Granddad’s house. It was to give each girl some one on one time with either my in-laws, or with Jay and I.

Because AJ is the oldest and tends to do everything before her sister, we thought it would be nice if Bart went for the first weekend. So off she went one Friday afternoon after swimming, her suitcase packed with pyjama’s, clothes and toys, excited about all the things she was going to do.wpid-20130217_173538.jpg

We picked her up on the Sunday afternoon. She’d had a great time.  There had been walks on the beach, baking cakes and grandma had taught her to knit.wpid-20130217_160511.jpg

The following weekend it was AJ’s turn to visit and Bart stayed home. She did much the same as her sister, but also spent some time with Granddad learning how to use light and shade to create shadow in a portrait.

wpid-20130224_161011.jpg wpid-20130224_181250.jpgThis last weekend the four of us headed off to a guinea pig show. It was a long day and so we thought it best for our old dog Willow to go for a sleepover.

She didn’t get to bake a cake, learn to knit or do some art work. But she did get some long walks with canine friends, play ball and have a bit of peace and quiet from two very noisy girls.025