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In 1991, two twenty year old kids stood in front of their family and friends and made promises to each other.
Neither Jay or I knew what the future held or where we would end up. Of course we had plans, but those plans changed and evolved.
Now twenty-two years later we wonder where the time went, it has gone so fast. Grey hairs are creeping up on us (him more than me, ha ha) and wrinkles are embedded around our eyes. At forty-two we are now moving through our ‘middle age’.
A couple of years ago I posted a little message to my husband on Facebook. He doesn’t have an account and so never read it, but with a small tweak the message is still relevant today.
“22 years ago today we said “I do”. We have lived through loosing babies and failed fertility. We have lived with the knowledge of never becoming parents and the joy of meeting our girls for the first time. We have moved from the south of England to the north of Scotland. We have lost jobs, gained weight, gained jobs and lost weight. There have been tears, arguments and lots of laughter. And Jay, “I still do” xxx”
I was lucky I found my best friend when I was a teenager and married him when we were both young. Too young some may think, but it has worked for us.
Happy anniversary Jay.
Our wedding