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On Saturday we set off from home at 3.30 in the morning heading south on the 561 mile trip to stay with family. I sat in  the front seat armed with a Kindle, Kindle Fire, Kobo, Samsung Galaxy and my mobile phone. I was not getting bored on the twelve hour journey. The kids were in the back with dvd players and sticker books, blankets and pillows.

I love to visit my family, but really dont like the long drive to get there. I took the wheel near the start of our trip as I knew the further south we headed, the busier the roads would get and after living in North Scotland for the last ten years, I have gotten used to the quieter roads.

We had a few stops at road side services and I had packed enough sandwiches for eight people so we could have a snack when we stopped. Fuel prices were horrendous in the motorway service stations, but we had no choice but to pay.

Bart waited until we were almost to the Borders of Scotland before we heard the first “Are we nearly there yet?” But on the whole, we were making good time.


After another failed game of Candy Crush I lifted my head as we passed a road sign. Milton Keynes next turn off. Huh? Why was there a sign for Milton Keynes? I then saw another further on. Luton 19 miles. Oh damn. We were heading the wrong way. Instead of going towards Bristol and the south west, we were on track for London!

After pulling into the next services, the purchase of a road map (yes we left ours at home) and setting up the ancient satnav, we set off again in the correct direction.

The detour added about an hour to our journey, which wasn’t too bad, but I was so glad to finally reach our destination.