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AJ’s school classroom is next door to where Bart currently goes to playgroup, so I sometimes see my older daughter running about her business or heading to the gym to do games.

Today I was talking to one of the mums while waiting to collect Bart when I heard a little voice call “Hello Mum,” I looked up to see AJ running along the short hallway.

“Hi” I called back as she disappeared in a streak of grey skirt, black spotty tights, burgundy sweater and shiny pink shoes. Huh?

Shiny pink shoes?

My daughters classroom shoes are black pumps from Clarks. Not metallic pink, ballet style, party shoes that should have been at home in the shoe box!

I was in the playgroup room getting Bart’s coat on her when AJ went by heading to the toilet.

“Hi Mum” she called and waved at me.

“AJ!” I yelled as “Look at your feet!”

AJ glanced down and realised what she was wearing. She looked back at me with dawning horror. My girl had been caught red handed pink footed.  Yep, she was busted, again!

She now has to stew for the rest of the afternoon, wondering what is going to happen when she gets home.

Mean while, I got in the car with Bart, phoned Jay and the pair of us had a good chuckle over her sneaking party shoes to school.

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