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What is happening to this year? It seems to be gathering pace and spinning faster and faster. At the moment I feel as if I am on a waltzer that won’t stop and I am getting a little queasy.

Summer term at school always seems to be crazy, but this year time is flying.

The fact that I started a new job maybe adding to the madness. After weeks of no work (and no money!) I found a new job in a different hotel which had me hitting the ground running. It’s great. I am loving the fast pace and friendliness of it all. But boy, am I shattered when I get home!

Spring has finally come to the Highlands… kind of. On Thursday some of the snow gates were shut on the high grounds as the roads were impassable. Saturday was so warm we were in shorts and t-shirts. The weather has gone crazy here. But we are making the most of the sunny days and have even managed a couple of walks on the beach. Admittedly only the dog paddled in the North Sea, far too cold for human toes.

So anyway, I am really hoping things start to slow down soon, just so I have time to sit and write. But with summer holidays only a hop skip and jump away and so much to fit in between now and then, I won’t hold my breath.

I think this ride is going to carry on spinning for a while longer!