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Meet Belle. She is a seven week old baby self cream guinea pig, pictured here with her Mum, Mavis. (Those of you who read J D Robb’s ‘In Death’ books will recognise the names. I have a Feeney and Peabody too.)

028This afternoon both Mavis and Belle had been out in the guinea pig run for a while. When it was time for them to go in, I picked up Belle first and held her in one hand while I reached into the pen for her Mum.

Noticing that I was distracted reaching for Mavis, Belle did a quick wriggle and jump maneuver. The slippery sucker was then racing across the garden as fast as her short little legs could carry her.

She played a fine game of catch me if you can, until she scooted down the side of the shed and out of my reach.

I ran into the house calling for Jay to help find her. Luckily he spotted her almost straight away. The poor wee toot was terrified and slowly making her way back out into the open. With Jay blocking the way behind her, she came towards me until I could scoop her up and put her back inside.