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I find one of the best things about music is that almost every tune you hear will bring back a memory.

I can remember the first song I consciously heard as a child. It was early 1978, I had just turned seven years old and I stopped and listened to Blondie playing ‘Denis’ on the radio. I still love that song now.

But it’s the summer songs that become the soundtrack to growing up.


1978 was also the summer Grease hit the movie screens and the radio was bombarded with ‘Hopelessly Devoted to you’, ‘Your The One That I Want’ and of course ‘Summer Nights’!

Driving around Devon and Cornwall on our caravan holiday with ‘Xanadu’ on the car radio.

Coming home from a church picnic, my Mum driving the car, windows down and ‘Walking On Sunshine’ by Katrina and the Waves blaring on the stereo.

Laying on my bed during the long school holidays, listening to the Radio 1 roadshow and hearing Billy Idol’s ‘White Wedding’.

Madonna’s album True Blue played over and over until I may have worn it out.

Visit’s to relatives in Dawlish, Devon and The House Martins ‘Happy Hour’ on the pub juke box.

Prince’s ‘Batman’ and The Beautiful South’s, ‘Song for Whoever’ played constantly on the local radio station at my first holiday job.

Duran Duran, the main soundtrack to my teenage years.

As I’ve grown up older, the months and years have merged. Seasons blend and without the long school holidays, summer and its popular releases pass me by. I have very little idea which bands are which and who is “hot”. When One Direction sang at the Olympics last year, I had no idea who they were until I asked Facebook friends.

The current album in my car is from the movie Annie. The girls and I sing along to ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘The Hard Knock Life’ as we travel to school and back.

But there is one song at the moment that has gotten me bopping around the house. Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke ft. T.I and Pharrell. It was on the Radio 2 Breakfast Show last week. I was getting my groove on, while the pouring cereal and the girls were screaming with laughter behind me. When I looked over my shoulder it seemed my waggling butt was the cause of their hilarity.

So now whenever the song comes on, I grab the girls and the three of us boogie around and shake our butts together.

Will this be the first song on their own summer soundtracks?summer 2013