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I knew this week was going to be a bit crazy with the normal school and playgroup runs, swimming lessons and working two jobs. But on top of that I’ve also had to go to the nearest town (which is 17 miles away) and buy AJ new trainers as hers had fallen apart (her feet were hanging out of them), a primary one induction garden party, Bart’s playgroup trip, AJ’s sports night and a trip to the dentist to have a crown fitted. I also managed a coffee morning with pals, lunch with my Mother-in-law and heading to meet another friend, while picking up hay for the guinea pigs.

Yesterday afternoon I did catch a five-minute snooze between getting back from the playgroup trip and collecting AJ from the school bus. I put my head on the kitchen table and was shooting up z’s in seconds.

This evening Jay and I high-fived as he got in from work and I left for my job. When I pulled up in the village where I work and got out of the car, I spotted a pair of ears in the back. There sat Willow, our old collie dog. She had been asleep in the boot of the Landrover and only woken up when I turned the engine off. I called Jay, who had the girls in the bath, and made arrangement for him to come into town with the kids in their pj’s and pick her up.

I got into work, put my coat away, clocked in and headed to reception to find out what tables had been booked for that evening.

Only to discover I had the wrong bloody night!

Yep, I am supposed to be working Friday and Saturday not Thursday!

I clocked back out again, grabbed my coat and bag, called Jay to say not to bother coming to get Willow and headed home.

I have now sent Jay out to get fish and chips. Damned if I am cooking!