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I had a huge shock this morning when I realised how long it has been since I last wrote a blog. It seemed the craziness of summer grabbed me by the throat, shook me around and is only just starting to loosen its grip. I have spent the last couple of months lurching from one drama to another, or so it seems.

I lost family, both people and paws.

Bart started school and both she and AJ have  moved to a different school to the one AJ attended before.

Somethings don’t change, laundry is still taking over the house and the girls still haven’t learnt to share the TV. I am very close to breaking my house rule and buying a second television set.

Now we are only two weeks away from the half term holidays and I am still chasing my tail.

But in amongst racing in circles, washing clothes and doing the hundreds of other chores around the house, I am determined to take time to write again.