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AJ has been complaining about her eyes hurting for the last couple of weeks. Not all the time, but enough for Jay and I to be a little concerned.  Initially I thought it was tiredness, as it was getting close to the half term break and both girls had had a very busy start to the school year. But after a few early nights and leaving her to sleep in the morning she was still saying they ached. So the next step was to book an appointment at the opticians.

This morning after dropping Bart off at Grandma and Granddad’s, AJ and I headed off for her eye test.

We had a new graduate doing the tests who was very patient with AJ and made the whole experience fun. As well as the regular checks for health, distance and light reaction, she also did a 3D test and checked for colour blindness.


At the end of all the tests there was only a slight concern over AJ’s distance reading, but to make sure we have to go back in a week so she can have some drops put in her eyes and check her prescription.

As a treat the two of us headed to a cafe afterwards and then went shopping for new shoes (AJ) and a handbag (me).


I know AJ really wants glasses to be like Mummy and Daddy. Hopefully we will find out soon.