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Today Jay had the day off and I headed out to work in the morning. I dragged myself out of bed at 7.15 and left him sleeping with our youngest daughter snuggled up beside him.

I had only been downstairs about fifteen minutes when Bart appeared in the kitchen.
“Hi Mummy” she chirped.
“Hi Sweetie.  I thought you were having a lie in with Daddy”
“I was.  But I wanted to see what you were doing”
“I am chopping vegetables for the guinea pigs and then I am going to work”
“What’s for breakfast?”
“I don’t know, Daddy is in charge of your breakfast today. Now off you go, back up to bed for a lie down” And off she trots.

Five minutes later AJ skipped in.
“Morning Mum” she sings
“Morning AJ”
“What are you doing?”
“Chopping vegetables for the guinea pigs”
“Oh. Can I help?”
“Not at the moment. I am trying to get this done before I go to work”
“Oh. Are you making breakfast?”
“No, Daddy will do it when he gets up”
“I am going to go see Daddy” And she disappeared back upstairs.

Ten minutes later both girls reappeared in the kitchen and sat at the table.
“I told you Daddy was making breakfast.” I said
“He is getting up now” AJ replied.

A few minutes later Jay strolled into the kitchen fully dressed.
“What are you doing up? I thought you were having a lie in.”
“The girls told me you had sent them up to say you were going to work and I had to get my lazy butt out of bed. So here I am”
“What? I said no such thing!”

“What’s for breakfast?” Bart asked innocently as she and AJ sat grinning at each other.