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This morning while walking down the track to get the taxi to school, AJ’s school bag opened and out rolled the lovely big apple she had picked for her morning snack.

Unfortunately, Artie thought it was a tennis ball and immediately pounced. When he realised it was in fact food, he thought he was in puppy heaven.

After playing with it for a wee while, he left it on the side of the track when I put his lead on as we approached the road.

Artie was really patient waiting for Jimmy to arrive and collect the girls, but he was desperate to get back up the track to his prize.

wpid-20131029_083317.jpgI kept him on his lead until we were well away from the road, but on release he charged off to find his treasure.


wpid-20131029_084442-1.jpgHe then carried his snack all the way home, racing a few metres ahead and then stopping to have a wee taste. As soon as I caught up, he would be off again.


wpid-20131029_085247.jpgOn finally reaching our destination, Artie raced into the house with his apple to finish in comfort on the sofa.

Now with that extra exertion and a full belly the little chap is having a well deserved rest. I on the other hand have to make a quick trip to the girls’ school to drop off another apple for AJ’s snack time.