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I have been feeling a little down recently. Things that usually go over my head have been bugging me. Bills are going up, but wages are not. Christmas is just around the corner, the time of year I really don’t like and can’t be bothered with. It all makes me want to hide in my house on the hill and not leave.  But that’s not possible.

Then this morning on Facebook a friend posted the following quote by Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Inspirational words from an amazing woman.

Your spirit is the duster of any spider web.
Behind every finish line, there is a start one.
Behind every success, there is another challenge.
While you are alive, be alive.
If you miss what you once did, do it again.
Don’t live in yellow photos.
Continue although everyone expects you to give up.
Don’t let oxide the iron that is inside you.
Do that instead of pity, and they will respect you.
When because of years you cannot run, jog.
When you cannot jog, walk.
When you cannot walk, use a cane.
But never stop!”
– Mother Teresa of Calcutta

So it’s time to kick my own arse, get out of my pj’s (yes, its gone 10 and I haven’t gotten dressed yet) and start running. (Not literally… or maybe).

Changes are being made. A new challenge is on the horizon and I will meet it with determination and not lacklustre.