I am not a Christmas person. Before we got the girls, if it was just Jay and I on our own, we treated it as just another normal day. Since we adopted the girls I do try to make more of an effort and I do love to choose presents for them.

Last year a blogging friend in the States wrote about buying an Elf on the Shelf. I had no idea what this was, but after doing a bit of research (good old Google) I came across the book and toy. I loved the idea of this elf moving from place to place, keeping an eye on the children, so this year we got our very own elf.

Bart is absolutely enchanted with Lizzie the elf and hunts for her every morning. There is great hilarity when she is found in the cereal box, hanging from the kitchen clock, sat on a curtain rail or in one of my shoes. One time Lizzie did end up in the bathroom and Jay had to put tissue over the elf’s head to she didn’t watch him on the toilet.

Today has found her on top of the lamp in the living room, clinging on for dear life. Lets hope nobody switches the lamp on.

Only problem is, I may be out of ideas by Christmas!