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I am sure I have mentioned before, each day unless it is blowing a gale, chucking buckets of rain or I am just too tired, the girls, Artie and I walk down the half mile track so they can catch their ride to school.

Back in the Autumn Jay disappeared in his shed for a few evenings and weekends. There was much banging of wood and whirring of table saws and when all was finally quiet, he had made a fantastic little bus shelter for AJ, Bart and I to wait in.


When it was finished, we loaded the shelter onto Jay’s tractor and headed down the hill to put it at the end of the track. Jay had flattened a patch of  ground with a whacker plate and with the help of a neighbour (and AJ) the shelter was put in place.

Bus shelter 3 Bus shelter 4 Bus shelterWe have used the shelter on a daily basis and it is great for changing wellie boots after tramping down the muddy lane. It gives Artie and I somewhere to shelter from the wind while waiting for the girls to come home and is also a great landmark for people to find us.

Earlier this week we were doing our usual speedy trot down the hill (late again after hunting for and finding missing shoes, gloves, homework as well as last-minute emergency hair brushing). AJ went on ahead to get her shoes changed. Seconds after disappearing into the shelter she came out screaming “Mum, there’s a Christmas present in here!” and waved a large red Santa covered gift bag in the air. “It’s got our names on it!”

Bart quit her dawdling and rushed down to investigate. Being the clever sort who can now read and write her own name she glanced at the gift card and started bouncing around yelling about Santa and gifts and “CAN WE OPEN IT MUMMY! MUMMY! CAN WE OPEN IT NOW!!!”

I have more of a suspicious nature, so upon reaching the girls I took the parcel and instructed them to change their shoes while I had a look. I opened the gift card and found a picture of a pretty little angel/fairy.

Christmas fairyInside the card was the following message…

Gift cardThe bag contained an assortment of Angelina Ballerina items, sparkly cutout shapes and a CD. The girls were over the moon with it and headed off to school full of tales about the Christmas Fairy and surprises in the bus shelter.

But who is the Christmas Fairy?

I have eliminated some candidates including the girls’ Grandma, my friend Linda and after and wee chat this morning, our neighbour whose house is at the bottom of the hill.

So, I have narrowed it down to a few possibilities including a lovely lady and her family who live nearer the coast in another house on a hill. Or a fabulous neighbour who has a number of woolly friends. Or maybe a friend who lives for trees. It could even be a conspiracy amongst more than one of them

Then again I could be totally wrong.

Who ever you are Christmas Fairy, I just want to say a huge thank you. That was such an amazing thoughtful thing you did. Both AJ and Bart were so excited and have talked of little else.

I hope you, your family and your friends have a wonderful Christmas time. Sending lots of love and hugs from those of us keeping dry in the bus shelter.