The turkey is eaten, it’s now we who are stuffed.
The presents are opened, everyone was chuffed.
Dolls house and bicycle, a necklace with a name,
Pyjamas and slippers, the Candy Crush game.
Grandma was unwell and didn’t eat any lunch,
By supper she was better and did nothing but munch.
Now the in-laws have left and the girls in their beds,
With dreams of new toys floating around in their heads.
My husbands asleep with the dog on his lap,
I’ll leave him in peace, he deserves a wee nap.
With prepping and cooking and playing hostess,
It’s my time to unwind, time to de-stress.
I’m glad its all over, can I take down the tree?
And maybe throw it in the North Sea.
At last here is am sat with my Baileys and chocs,
Watching a repeat of QI on the box,
We’ve managed the day, with hardly a fight,
And so while I’m still sober, I’ll wish you good night.