T’was the morning of Christmas and all through the house,
Not a person is stirring, even my husband, the louse.
Stockings are hung on each bedroom door,
And there’s a musical sound of a little girls snore.
I have awoken hangover free,
Not one drop of alcohol got into me.
I think I’ve remembered each hidden present stash,
If not, in the new year, I’ll return them for cash.
How come on this day I’m the only one awake,
When for three hundred and sixty-four days I don’t get a break.
I’m counting down time till the oven goes on,
We’ll all be sick of turkey when that bird is gone.
So while all is quiet I’ll take time to say,
To new friends and old friends have a wonderful day.
To my family all celebrating and those watching from above,
Be healthy, be happy, I send you my love.