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Getting AJ dressed in the morning is a work of endurance. My seven-year old will prance and dance. She will twirl and swirl. She will jig and she will jive. My girl will even manage to rock out to One Direction (?!) in various states of dress  and undress. If she is not nagged and badgered it will take her over an hour to change from night to day.

To combat this I have started the girls racing in the morning to get their school uniform on. There is no prize, they just get to “na na n’na na” at the loser.

This morning AJ started slow (I had given Bart a sneaky head start) but she was swiftly over taking. Yes that girl can move when she wants to. She had managed pants, vest, tight, shirt and trousers. It was as AJ was reaching for her cardigan she began do a strange butt wiggle one leg shake dance. This was new, but she almost dressed, so hey, time to get your groove on. Then with one final kick of her foot, yesterdays tights came soaring out of her trouser leg.

For a second we looked at each other, both a little shocked and then just couldn’t stop laughing.