Last night when Jay got in from work, he took Artie our whippet and the girls out for a walk while I organised supper.

They hadn’t been gone that long when AJ came back home crying her eyes out. She was followed by Bart and Jay.

It seems Artie had a grand time charging around and running as fast as he could. So fast in fact he didn’t spot AJ when she was in front of him and barreled into her.

As Jay described to me later, it was like a bowling pin. He literally knocked her off her feet and she came straight down on her back, inches away from a big puddle.

The shock left her breathless for a few seconds before she let out a scream and then cried all the way home.

Luckily she came out of it not too badly. She has a bruise on her elbow and although she was a bit sore on her back last night, today it is fine.

As for Artie, our pup was totally oblivious to the pain he had caused.