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Thursday morning after the girls headed to school, I drove to the nearest supermarket to do the weekly shop. When I say nearest I actually have to travel over twenty minutes to reach the large store. By the time I had finished the grocery shop, popped into a couple more stores and headed home again two and a half hours had passed.

I opened the front door to be greeted by Artie, our year old whippet, who was really happy to see me. Artie has recently been given the run of the house while we are out instead of the puppy cage he used to be placed in and so far he has been really well-behaved. On my second trip carrying bags from the car to the house I noticed a chocolate covered Breakaway biscuit bar, still in its wrapper on the hallway floor. Uh oh. On further investigation I found the multi-pack of bars missing from the kitchen work surface and four empty packets strewn across the living room floor.


I immediately telephoned the vet to ask their advice and after explaining the situation they said he should come in for a check over .  I quickly got the rest of the bags from the car, shoved the frozen groceries into the freezer and loaded up Artie.

We arrived at the vets and to say Artie was hyper and bouncy was a bit of an understatement. I think either the chocolate was kicking in or he was just excited to be going to the vets! The young woman took us into a consultation room and I handed over one of the empty chocolate wrappers along with the packet they came in. It took the veterinarian a few minutes to work out some complicated calculation about the strength of the chocolate (it was milk which wasn’t as strong as dark) how much there was per bar, multiply it by four bars and then divide that by Artie’s weight.

At the end of it the vet said the chocolate he had consumed was below toxic levels, he seemed fine from his health check and I was to expect a possible bout of diarrhea. If I saw any change in him at all I was to take him straight back in.

Well, I am happy to say he is fine with no side effects at all and happily eating his doggy approved treats. Oh, and I shall be putting the chocolate biscuits up higher from now on.

Artie and chew bone