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Bart has been studying the topic “under the sea” at school and has been telling us for the last few weeks about the various creatures who live there and about beach pollution. King Neptune “visits” their classroom at night and leaves treasure in a small sea chest.

As part of the project, this weekend Sammy the Seahorse came home with Bart for a visit, along with a diary where his adventures were recorded.

Sammy got to meet a reindeer and paddle in a stream. Well Bart paddled and Sammy stayed high and dry. He joined us for afternoon ice cream and a cup of tea at Grandma’s. His adventures were carefully written in his diary and photos were added.


It was after Bart was in bed Jay and I realised we hadn’t seen the brightly coloured toy for a little while. Maybe we left him in the car, but no, he wasn’t there. He wasn’t in the living room, kitchen or playroom. I even checked the shower in case Bart had snuck him in there with her. Slowly Jay and I retraced Bart’s steps. The garden and trampoline… nope. Jay’s shed… nope. Then he then remembered Bart, AJ and Artie had been playing in the field behind the house. At one point Sammy the Seahorse had been hanging by his tail on the galvanised five bar gate. Knowing she had been playing near the fence line, we spaced out and began to slowly make our way down the field.

It was with huge relief, only a couple of minutes into our search we found the AWOL toy lying abandoned in the grass near an old ceramic bath that doubles up as a water trough when the field contains sheep.

wpid-20140608_210536.jpgI think poor Sammy had a bigger adventure than even he could have imagined, but thankfully he and Bart are both now tucked up in bed fast asleep.