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This evening Jay and I have been sorting out the living room. I am having new furniture delivered tomorrow and we had to clear out the old sofa and chair and have a wee tidy up. Neither of us are great at house work as we both tend to get distracted easily by reading an old discarded magazine or looking through paperwork to see if we may need it in the future.

We have an old wooden sewing box that once belonged to James’ Nan. When she passed away nearly twenty five years ago, we had a lot of her furniture to start our life together and although much of it has been replaced, the sewing box is one of the things we kept.

As the box hadn’t been opened in quite a while I decided to take a look. There were old finished cheque books, wage slips for both Jay and myself from nearly twenty years ago. A building society passbook we hadn’t used since 1995 which still had a pound and change in it.

In amongst all this paperwork was my old scientific calculator I used in school. I think I received it from my parents for my twelfth or possibly thirteenth birthday.

It made me laugh to see my name scratched on the back with a pair of compass as well as being written in marker pen. There was also the initials LFC etched into the front from the brief time I followed Liverpool Football Club. But the most amazing thing of all was when I pressed the ‘on’ button the machine worked! This calculator is 30 years old and it still worked! I have calculators that are only a couple of years old that have stopped running.

They sure don’t make things like they used to!