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I guess the biggest thing that has happened to me in the two years I have been absent is I have lost almost a third of my body weight.

Twelve months ago I decided it was time to get myself sorted. I had lost quite a bit of weight ten years ago, but as time marched on the pounds slowly began to creep back again. 

I was suffering with sleep apnea and receiving physiotherapy for sore knees. Walking up a shallow hill would leave me short of breath and if the kids decided to run, there was no way I could catch them. My self discipline is pretty crap so I decided to find and join a local weight loss group.

After chatting to a couple of friends and carrying out an online search I bravely attended my first session at Slimming World. It took a few weeks to get my head around the eating plan, but it has really worked for me. So far I have lost just over four and a half stone (64lb) and don’t have much more to lose to reach my target. 

I have shrunk from a UK size 20 jeans to a size 12. I even have a couple of pairs in a size 10! I eat much more fresh fruit and vegetables and tend to cook better meals from scratch rather than the processed frozen food I heated up before. 

I don’t drink alcohol anymore, which I don’t miss one bit and I haven’t had a “real” chocolate bar, which I do. None of us have set foot in a fast food restaurant since my first session. The kids sometimes moan for a McDonalds, but not for long. So on the whole it has been good for all of us.

As I get closer to target I do worry about maintaining the loss, but hopefully with the support of the fabulous group of ladies and a few men, I will be able to keep the weight off.

Below are a few pictures of my changing face, starting with the bottom right, which is my old passport photo taken fifteen years ago. The bobbed hair was in 2009 and the scruffy hat in about 2013. The colour photo with long hair was taken around November 2015 and the black and white shot with the baker boy hat was taken last week. A number of wrinkles have appeared as I’ve aged from thirty to forty five, but so have my cheekbones!