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It took nearly a year to make the decision, but last week I finally phoned up Sky TV and cancelled my subscription. It was for a really simple reason.

James and I don’t watch TV.

Oh, it’s on. The kids usually have some crap playing after school and they tend to stick to the same channel, but me personally? No. Not interested.

Ask me when Renae Kaye is releasing a new book and I can tell you. (This month. Woo hoo!) Or is Jaclyn Osborn writing a follow-up to Dear Adam? (I have asked her and she assures me she is.) But if you wish to discuss the plot line of Orange Is The New Black, I haven’t a clue. Or what is happening in Game of Thrones? Well that will be a really short conversation. And I see the results of a zombie apocalypse every morning in the mirror, so why would I want to see more on the telly?

Give me a good book and I am happy. Stick me in front of the TV with a remote control and I will usually watch a rerun of QI as there is nothing else of interest.

If by chance there is a show that I do want to watch, I usually find its on the BBC anyway and you don’t need the satellite channels for that.

When calling the help line I had been pre warned that the sales team were very pushy and would try anything to talk me out of cancelling, but the lady I finally got through to was great. Yes, she did offer me cheaper packages and a twelve month twenty-five percent discount. I was very polite and friendly and just told her I wasnt interested, and that was that.

So, as of the September 4th we will no longer have access to all those channels we don’t even watch. And we will save ourselves a few quid too.