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“I woke up this morning,” ba-dum, ba-dum,

“The rains comin’ down,” ba-dum, ba-dum, 

“This is my weeks holiday” ba-dum, ba-dum,

“I think I could drown,” ba-dum, ba-dum.


We are on the last “hurrah” before the girls go back to school next Tuesday, so both Jay and I have taken the week off work to do stuff and go places, have fun in the sun, ya know?

Well I hope you know. Because we don’t.
The weather has been crap!

Gale force winds, temperatures in the lower end of single digits and rain. wp-1470899093407.jpg

And rain.

And more bloody rain.




Saturday was okay… well most some of it. Also, we managed to hang the washing out on Monday, before we had to race out and get it in again.

Yesterday was, lets face it, sodding cold. I wore two jumpers and we had both the wood burner and the central heating going.

Its August people!


Where is my summer?!