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wp-1471024228542.jpgwp-1471024202674.jpgThis weekend we are missing a child. AJ has gone to stay with Grandma while Granddad heads out on a road trip. He is travelling around Scotland on his motorbike and side car, stopping along the way to do some drawing and painting.

Sadly the weather hasn’t been that cooperative so far, but today he decided to go anyway. So with his side car full of supplies, both food and art, he headed out at lunch time.


So that leaves AJ and Grandma home alone (slaps hands on cheeks) and free to get up to all sorts.

I think sewing is possibly on the schedule and usually some baking takes place. Maybe even a girly shopping trip might happen and of course Rosie, Grandma’s chihuahua will need a walk or two. I have no idea what they will do together, but whatever they get up to, I am sure it will be fun.