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Last year my girls had a horrendous habit of leaving stuff at school. Hardly a week went by when jumpers, cardigans, socks, tights, coats and even shoes left the house in the morning and didnt return at the end of the school day.

Yesterday morning I told the girls over and over, if they take off their cardigans, put them straight in their school bag. Put their coats on their peg. And please, please bring everything home.

As it was a Tuesday, the school bus drops them off at their Grandparents house to wait for either Jay and I to finish work and come collect them. Jay usually gets there first so I was home and starting supper before a very sheepish Bart came in the house.

“I forgot my coat. I left it at school” she admitted. Then AJ came racing in behind her.

“And her cardigan Mum, she forgot that too. remembered everything.”

Day one and two items of clothing are left behind.

And so it begins again.