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After a six-week summer (Ha!) holiday, the girls headed back to school. Considering the crappy weather which has prevented them from spending as much time outside playing as they, and I, would like, we made it through without anybody getting killed, maimed or rocking in the corner. (Although the rocking was a close call over the last couple of weeks)

Once again we didn’t get to do many of the things we wanted, and the tent stayed packed away for another year, but we got to visit a couple of places on my to do list.

One was a boat ride on the Falkirk Wheel. It’s a great piece of engineering and the ride is so smooth you don’t realise you are rising up in the air until glancing out the window you can see the top of the trees. I was the first time the girls had been on any kind of boat, so they were really excited to do the trip.

The best visit though was to The Kelpies. They are amazing and so damn big. I had seen photos of them plenty of times, but it wasn’t until you are stood below you can see the amazing size and beauty of these sculptures.

KelpiesGirls at Kelpie base

To get a proper perspective, in the photo to the right, AJ and Bart are stood at the bottom of one of the horses.

They really are amazingly beautiful and I am so glad we made the trip.Family at KelpiesKelpie close upThe girls watched a couple of movies at the cinema and we headed to the beach whenever there was a small window of opportunity. Living only forty minutes or so from the coast is great for waking up, finding a clear day and just jumping in the car. Having been spoilt by our easy access to the beaches since moving north, I cant imagine living anymore inland than this.

Last week was spent again, dodging raindrops and racing around getting the last-minute stuff ready for school.

Finally the day arrived. I am really lucky in the fact both girls love school, so getting them orgainised Tuesday morning was not a chore at all. We were all up, dressed and ready to go in plenty of time and I waved the girls off in their school bus, huge smiles on all our faces!

New School Year.jpg