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It was rabbit clean out day on Sunday. We have four rabbits split into two large hutches. Dandy and Basil live together and then we have Freckles and Honey.

Basil and Dandy are a pair of homebodies and although they like to run over to the doorway and say hello, they dont make any effort to get out.

Freckles and Honey, on the other hand, would love to come out and explore a bit, so I am extra careful about keeping only one side of their hutch open at a time when cleaning, and patting little furry butts back in if they do venture outside their home.

After scraping out and removing all the old straw and bunny poop from both hutches, I then put in loads of fresh bedding for them. I added the hay and some veggies before closing them up and heading to the shed to put the left over straw away.

As I neared the shed I saw a little brown wild bunny hopping around. Now this isnt that surprising as we do live in the country. What did shock me was the little fella didnt hop away like a frightened… well rabbit, as soon as it saw me.

Then I looked again a bit closer.

It was only bloody Honey, bold as you please sat chewing grass on her slow meander towards where all the pet food was stored.

So as not to frighten her, I quietly put down the remaining straw bale and moved behind her furry little arse to start herding her back towards the garden and her buddy Freckles. She tried to make a dash past the hutch at the last minute, but I scooped her up and popped her back inside.

Adventure over.